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Technology does not create productive people. We Do!

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aerial-survey-base delivers business consulting, advisory, coaching and practical training for aerial survey and photography.

We’ll work with your data acquisition engineers, operators and navigators and you large format aerial  cameras, such as Intergraph DMC, Vexcel Ultracam, Track Air and IGI CCNS Flight Management Systems, Track Air, AEROcontrol, Applanix POSAV, LiDAR and Thermal sensors for aerial mapping and photogrammetry.

Our training and consulting services is designed to improve your primary data acquisition for aerial survey and photogrammetric workflow.

aerial-survey-base is one of the most trusted consulting company in the industry.

  • We are committed to the highest level of support, service and integrity.
  • We are specialized in providing consulting services to flight departments and institutions interested in optimizing their photogrammetric operations.
  • We’ll provide the tools to facilitate this process and work with your flight crews and the corporation to maximize the company’s productivity. 

aerial-survey-base has been serving companies that own, operate or finance aerial cameras for over two decades. Business consulting and advisory services; training on camera operation, data acquisition, GNSS/IMU processing, mission planning; and aviation business appraisal are our primary services.

We’ll provide consulting services to companies ranging from aircraft operators, flight departments to photogrammetric companies, from investment firms to governments, and from European Commission to The World Bank.

We trust that our company meets the criteria of professionalism and dedication that you require.
We would appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you.


Technology does not create productive people. We do!

aerial-survey-base | Training | Consulting | Operations

Our Mission

aerial-survey-base's mission is to empower people to become more productive with technology.

Technology was once a tool that reduced manual processes. Now, it’s an inescapable aspect of the modern survey world.
Through our efficiency tools and training, aerial-survey-base seeks to ensure that technology can be your vehicle for productivity and company success.


We Do One Thing - A lot of companies do many things.

We help people to save time with their existing technology: that’s it. We’re a small company and don’t have the time to branch out and still provide the level of service our clients deserve.

A New Approach

aerial-survey-base ‘s approach is quite different from other providers. We use our own material and focus strictly on practical applications that can be learned and applied.

A Focus on the Practical

People frequently remark, “your business is great because people only use 20% of a product,” but that only captures part of the story. We’d rather improve on that 20% if that’s what’s most important for our trainees than show them flashy features they might use twice in their lives. We save people time and alleviate frustration; we can do that because: we understand how and why people use the equipment they do.

A Focus on Retention

When we leave your airport you will feel comfortable with the all the equipment we explained. You’ll have already completed an intense flight job with practical benefits and you will have had personal time with an expert instructor who was able to answer your questions. Should you have additional questions, you’ll have everything for follow-up support.

You Won’t Miss Much Work!

We do most of our training on-site, with comprehensive exercises and practical flight jobs. We can come early and stay late.

On-site Solutions

By training on site we remove the exorbitant cost of travelling and equipment rental, as well as all the additional hours that are necessary to configure and maintain a training space.

We’ll Work With Your Business
While we often work with aerial mapping firms and executives, our training has proven very effective for photographers, navigators and GPS specialists, and other individuals who use aerial photography heavily in their workday. Planning projects, operating both analogue & digital cameras, processing GPS/IMU data and quality checks are tasks performed by all flight departments. If there are members of your organization that perform these tasks regularly then we can improve and speed up their workday. Unlike many training providers, we’re willing to work on-site with individuals if that’s the best way to improve your flight teams efficiency. Our training ranges from the basics up through the very advanced, but all of our courses are focused on the efficient usage of the existing equipment – so you can work smarter and faster. If you feel you or your company might gain from our training, feel free to contact us so we can together determine if there’s a fit.


Message from the President

Technology does not create productive people. We Do!


For the last 25 years we’ve been researching and implementing aerial technology that helps our clients to increase efficiency in the  aircraft.

Our commitment to our customers is to exceed their expectations by providing world class service in a progressive mapping industry environment.

Since 1983, our  experts have provided a wide range of aerial photography, photogrammetry, and digital mapping services to customers across the world.

Since 2002, our consulting has helped flight departments to operate more productively and improve the quality of their work product.

We provide aerial survey & efficiency training, primarily for use in the data acquisition process.

Having worked with private, governmental and military organizations around the globe, wev’e built a deep expertise in peoples performance with technology.

We are confident that we can improve any workforces productivity while making them look more professional in the process.

For that reason, we’re proud to be a team of passionate individuals with a myriad of design, development, training, and business skills.
I would appreciate working for you.





We are always at the threshold of technology and innovation.

aerial-survey-base | Training | Consulting | Operations

Some of the clients we work with

  • Person of great knowledge in the field of photogrammetric equipment operation. Excellent instructor, a person that is always available to answer any questions or problems. Developer of excellent tools used in our company as a regular Oliver is always an answer and a solution thanks to the detailed analysis of problems and systematic search of information

    O. H. R.
  • Oliver has an outstanding level of expertise in the area of GIS, aerial survey and photogrammetry. His hands-on experience of many years and passion makes him unique in the industry. Being a Product Manager for Camera Systems Oliver always generated great ideas, which really improved our products. I like Oliver‘ personal abilities very much. He is open to people and he is always ready to help.

    A. S.
  • Oliver was a resource for the implementation of aerial photography products. He had an exceptional back ground in the planning and use of aerial cameras and associated equipment. I consider Oliver to be of the highest character and a trusted resource.

    C. S.
  • As far as photogrammetry is concerned Oli is the best. However, his best asset would clearly be his ability to work with a customer to make them happy. Easily one of the most customer focused an friendly technician a team could have.

    T. R.




Here’s what keeps us moving each day!


Coffees drank.


Years of aerial-survey-base







Our quality standards apply also in terms of service, technical expertise and advice. Our dedicated employees are happy to assist you with know-how and experience in your daily business.


New Employee Training

Well-trained employees are the key to your business success.
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Tailored Solutions for your Flight Department

Practical training for Navigators, Data Acquisition Engineers & Operators.
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International Operations

We mobilize an aerial survey & mapping team fast to any place in the world.
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Operation Support

Survey operation & project support to clients renting or owning sensors.
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Well-trained employees are the key to your business


As a manager, one of your myriad duties is the professional development of your employees.
Mentoring your employees helps them perform better, improve morale, and can help your business succeed.
Many companies provide some sort of introductory training or orientation for most of their new employees.

It may take the form of an older employee assigned to show the new employee “the ropes.”
Or it may be left to the HR department or the individual’s new supervisor to show them where the coffee pot is and how to apply for time off.

What are the real learning & training needs among new staff: management or technical?


Well-trained employees are the key to your business success.

Studies have shown that the most successful, productive employees are those who have received extensive training.
They’re the cream of the crop, often having the strongest stake in the company’s future.

That’s where our training comes in 


Not only does instruction arm your employees with needed technical skills, but it also shows that you are invested in them and interested in bringing them with you into the companys future. This helps keep workers motivated and involved.
While it’s true that training can be a bit costly up front, it’s a long-term investment in the growth and development of your human resources.

A quick integration of new staff is appreciated by both existing staff members and newcomers alike, and it has a measurable influence on the performance/efficiency of your team.

It may be self-evident that new employees need to be trained, but it is all too rare that managers provide carefully designed training programs that give new arrivals what they really need.

A well-rounded training program should have three elements:

– a broad orientation about the technology where the employee is newly assigned



Tailored Solutions for your Flight Department

Practical training for Navigators, Data Acquisition Engineers & Operators.


We will educate your personnel to solve unpredictable conditions and circumstances & we will show you tips & tricks to avoid delays during operation. This includes information on the best suitable film material in order to achieve the best image quality possible and we’ll provide you information to deal with local specifics, to improve the digital image quality in the laboratory or post-processing and the necessary steps to obtain high precision GPS/INS-data. We’ll install a system to insure that your equipment is always ready to use; therefore avoid surprises, adjusting the existing system to your special requirements, configurations and conditions and:we’ll continue, where the system manufactures quit to support you.


  • complete practical training for Data Acquisition Engineers, Navigators & Operators, on site, *on hands*
  • Operation of Digital Mapping Cameras, as DMC & UltraCam series
  • Coaching service for all aspects of survey & mapping flights
  • Survey flights & data acquisition with film & digital camera systems
  • Photo laboratory and digital post-processing training
  • Introduction and training on GPS/IMU based technologies & post-processing
  • LiDAR – airborne laser scanning
  • Camera system maintenance courses


  • Services to increase productivity & efficiency of flight departments
  • Special, tailored solutions and technologies in the field of hardware and software tools
  • Consulting in digital photogrammetric workflow & data acquisition


  • Installation service for all mayor digital and film cameras, GPS systems and IMU units
  • Calibration, maintenance & repair for metric camera equipment
  • Special hardware development for increasing the productivity of analogue and digital aerial camera systems
  • Emergency technical support
  • Equipment supply


Operation Support

aerial-survey-base provides survey operation support to clients renting or owning sensors:

  • Projet Mangement and Project Planning
  • Installation of sensors
  • Calibration procedures
  • System verification and testing
  • Project execution
  • project workflow improvement
  • On-site data processing and evaluation
  • Hands-on training

We understand your requirements from a single component through to supplying a complete workflow solution including aircraft, Flight Management System, Sensor and crew training. As with all our services we’ll help with setting up your productive operation and advice on surrounding requirements, also under the umbrella of your confidentiality and security issues.

If required, we’ll provide you with other independent consultants, instructors and engineers who are specialists in their specific areas, trainers or aircraft technicians.


International Operations

Today aerial-survey-base with its network of partners can mobilize an aerial survey & mapping team fast to any place in the world. Our operations and training take us regularly to all continents and our expertise is based in the ability to operate effectively worldwide.

Together with our partner GeoConsultants Groups of Companies we provide latest aerial photography camera technology to reduce the number of flight time and lower costs without sacrificing the quality of the product. The collection capabilities and geometric accuracy of our large format mapping cameras, such as Vexcel UltraCam and INTERGRAPH DMC, are the start point to produce high quality DTM, Orthophoto and other photogrammetric products.



Products for sale (February 2015)


Ultracams, DMC, Orion+Gemini, Riegl Q560, ALS-60. Ultrascan, T-AS, PAV30, GSM3000.

download list:

Equipment FEB2015


GSD Calculator

Download our free GSD Calculator.


New Version 4.32 available as of  June 2015.

new DMC III aerial camera included (Link)

The GSD calculator covers all the mayor large format aerial survey camera systems, medium format aerial cameras, but also some SLR systems widely used in an UAV environment.GSD_Calculator

Basically if helps to compare aerial cameras on a practical approach, based on their geometry, pixel arrangements /CCD and calculates overlap, sidelap, GSD and other relevant information.

It also provide a comparision function of scanned film negatives, based on photo scale to modern recording systems based on Ground Sampling Distance.

A small calculation section is provided to perform a quick proposal based on the used camera and some relevant flight plan parameters, such as GSD, overlap, distances and flight line layout.

Interchangeable Lenses

Cameras using interchangeable lenses can be used as well.

GSD_Calculator_fixedLensIf you use different lenses, you may input your focal lenght in the cal. focal lenght field.
In case you use the designated lens often, you may click on „Lock this Camera“ and the calulator will remember this particular type of aerial camera.

Ground Speed and Camera Cycle

the calculator helps by monitoring the camera cycle. Because of the variety of cameras and storage systems, it provides a warning message if the cycle time would become lower as 3 seconds. please refer to your camera manual for max. cylce time and check your Ground Speed / Altitude settings.

Leaning and Occlusion

can be calulated as well, you may input street width and get results.



user questions:

Full Resolution (Mapping Grade) vs Bayer (Half Resolution)

All mayor large format cameras of Vexcel and Z/I using the pan-sharpening method, most push-broom sensors as well (Leica).

Bayer pattern interpolation

Unfortunately the pixel itself is colorblind. It can record only the total intensity of the light on its surface.

In order to get a full color image, sensors using color filtering or pan-sharpening methods. Once the camera records all 3 colors, it combines them to a full colored RGB image. (Infrared would be the fourth color/band, if applicable).

There are several methods, e.g. Beam Splitters, rotating filter slides (still cameras) or as the most economical way, the Bayer pattern color filter array. Basically there is a filter element placed on top of each pixel, which collects red, green or blue intensity information. Then, a special intelligent interpolation algorithm collects information of each pixel and its neighborhood location. So the final pixel “color” will be an interpolated color of the information collected around each pixel or the True Color of the pixel is obtained by averaging the color of the surrounding pixel. The typical Bayer pattern is made by 2 rows of pixel.

1st  row:  red – green – red pixel

2nd row:  green – blue – green pixel

 Finally one will get double amount of green pixel comparing to red+green (50% green, 25% red, 25% blue pixel or in other words: 66% of the resulting image is interpolated, not recorded).

Mr. Bryce Bayer (Kodak) introduced this system 1976 in order to keep track with the sensitive range of the human eye.

The advantage of this pattern is that a camera needs only 1 sensor, as we see in most commercial camera, even in smartphones. So cameras became small in size and cheap in price and the necessary demosaicing Algorithm is just a simple piece of software. The disadvantage is the reduced resolution of the sensor by 50%.

An aerial camera using pan-sharpening method provides a full resolution image, formed by the panchromatic CCDs. The color information comes from separate red, green, blue (infrared) sensors and lenses.

Typically the actual resolution of a Bayer pattern CCD is 0,58 * Megapixel.


What is new?

Version 4.32 (June 2015)

  • Leica DMC III 3rd Generation introduced
  • Sony A7R introduced (for Bart)


  • more IGI DigiCam’s introduced
  • PhaseOne new models introduced
  • Visual Intelligence iOne IM+ (quadro) introduced
  • Vexcel Ultracam Hawk
  • Vexcel Ultracam Falcon now in 136 and 195 Megapixel version
  • Canon EOS 5 Ds (50 Megapixel) SLR introduced (preliminary sensor)
  • software update improved

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